‘State Bank Anywhere Corporate’ is the CINB facility offered on Mobile for Khata plus, Vypaar & Vistaar users.

SBA-Corporate App is available to corporate enquirer, maker and authorizer roles, based on INB username and password.

The transaction limit for ‘State Bank Anywhere Corporate’ is the same as that of desktop application. (Corporate users are able to make payments as per the access right and limits set by the corporate.)

Khata Plus: Derive an added advantage over others by getting multiple accesses to your accounts 24 X 7. Khata Plus enables multiple people in your business to access your account information anywhere anytime.

Vyapaar: Exercise the privilege to transact over the internet, make payments the cyber way, conduct business in style.

Equip with Vyapaar and facilitate your business needs.

Vistaar: Freedom to operate your business at any geographical location from wherever you desire. Freedom to take urgent financial decisions from any situation. Freedom to empower your people to conduct business the modern way yet within the framework laid down by you. Freedom from branch dependency.

Vistaar provides an all-round business solution, online.

How to use it

SBI Retail Internet Banking Users can download the application from respective application market places.

There is no separate registration process for Anywhere Corporate mobile application as it can be accessed using CINB login credentials. But for registering for INB, user can approach the SBI branch where their account is maintained to avail Corporate Internet Banking facility. The registration form can be downloaded from our online banking website retail.onlinesbi.com through the link "Registration Forms" provided at the top of the Home Page of Corporate Internet Banking. Forms duly filled accompanied with Board Resolution, wherever required, should be submitted to the branch.